Colors, Motifs and Themes for Baby Shower Invitations

If you are having a couples shower, then you can choose a couples themed invitation, with both the mom and dad-to-be depicted on the invitation. You might also want to think about how you can integrate handmade papers, stamps and stickers to make a really unique handmade invitation. We have a wide variety of baby shower invitations to choose from and those of the handmade variety are no exception. Incorporating creativity in your baby shower invitation ideas will set you apart from others and will prepare the stage for a wonderful pregnancy celebration. The most common baby invitations have prints of rattles, babies, stars, bottles and cartoon characters. You may also want to include a personalscrapbook which showcase the people and things that went into planning the baby shower for the expectant mother. Each guest reads her contribution at the shower and the book becomes an added keepsake for the baby. These days, there are numerous different colors, motifs and so on to tie in with any number of different baby shower themes, color schemes and decoration choices. When you have so many choices of baby shower invitations you may become overloaded with so many options. That said, we have categorized our baby shower invitations into a variety of different categories to streamline this whole process for you. Baby showers are an occasion to share experiences about motherhood as well as gifts that the mom-to-be and the baby are given. A fabulous time will be had by everyone in attendance.