Wedding Cake Designs and Themes

Just like a bride's wedding dress, the cake should also be bold, beautiful, and delicious. Well…hopefully the wedding dress is not delicious, but you get the idea. There are many cake designers willing to let you go wild with your imagination for the perfect wedding cake. For some, the potential exists to mix construction styles, like setting a stacked cake on a pedestal and utilizing a separator plate between the second and third tiers of a stacked wedding cake. In this way, they would make their wedding cake match their wedding themes. If cost is really not an issue for your wedding day, you can opt to use sturdier cardboard boxes that are created to fit any cake size on your wedding day. Be advised however, wedding cakes become more fragile as you add tiers. If you are serving dessert in addition to your cake, you could get your cake sized to serve half of your guests, while the others eat the prepared desserts. Another option would be to provide everyone with small cake sample and have a much larger palette for the main dessert. Heart themed wedding cakes can be large or small cakes and even cupcakes. Some couples want a cupcake wedding cake, but also want a small wedding cake so that they can participate in the tradition of cutting a wedding cake at their reception. Cupcake wedding cakes are more affordable for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the way they make ordering hassles a thing of the past. Decide what works best for you and vision you want to bring to life and have at it. Happy Planning!