Your Wedding Cake - The Center of the Reception

If you are having a beach wedding, you might have a sandcastle cake or a cake with a scuba dive couple as the topper. Separate wedding cake stands arranged in these types of groupings create a wonderful effect and work well with intricate and individually decorated cakes. Though taller cakes are a bit more unstable, an experienced baker or wedding cake designer may add a fake 'display' layer to give the cake some height which doesn’t cost as much because this is not a baked or ingredient laden layer. The wedding cake often is the center of attention after the wedding couple so you want your cake to exceptional. If you have a blue themed wedding, or any other color for that matter, airbrushing your them colors onto cake's frosting, gives a real nice blended, and realistic effect. You may consider ordering a plain cake and buying the decorations and accessories yourself at a craft store if that saves on the cost a bit. However, if you are paying someone to bake the cake at all, it might be advisable to have them do everything and you focus on other aspects of your special day. If a classic wedding cake is your style, design one which really suits the season. Basic flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry will vary depending on how the cake is baked, the formula used and of course the filling and frosting. Fresh flowers are beautiful addition to your cakes. Have a blast with the whole process.