Wedding Decorations for your Wedding Day

If operating on a tight budget, you may want to consider using artificial flowers or paper machete flowers. If you have the kind of wedding where many of the guests will be bringing children, set up a kind of daycare to watch the kids during the reception. The theme of the dinner hall should reflect the themes that were used in church or any other venue used earlier. You can even use seed pearls to create subtle monograms on everything from white linen banners to hang on the church doors to a custom chair cover on the bride's seat at the reception. Jars work well for lighting paths as well as hanging them from a tree for extra added light outdoors. When considering an outdoor wedding you should also look into providing tents for the food service and to keep your guests out of the sun if it happens to be a hot summer day. This will surely impress your guests and will make your wedding the talk of the town. Consider planting flowers and plants early in the planning stages of the event so that they will be established in time for the backyard wedding. Outdoor wedding ceremonies will look very pretty with the addition of tulle tied around plain rental chairs and a bow tied at the back. Having the garden wedding theme for spring and summer time is great because you can enjoy the environment with a carefree feeling along with the birds and butterflies all around.