High Heels and your Wedding Dress

After you have decided on the color of your wedding gown, it is time to choose your bridal shoes. If you do not wear high heels regularly, you may end up with sore feet and ruin your special day so be sure to identify and select shoes you are comfortable in. There are a few pros and cons to each choice you might want to consider before making a final choice whether to wear high or low heels to your wedding. Choose a heel height and toe style that will both compliment your wedding dress and keep you comfortable. You can ask friends and family members for suggestions and recommendations. For the bride, there is no wrong or right bridal footwear as long as she is comfortable. Shoes with different shapes of adornment is also one of this year's top trends. Opting for a pair of comfortable wedding shoes can really make a difference on your wedding day. If the bride is wearing a short or t-length wedding dress, then she should select shoes with heels that are at least 2 inches. If the wedding is to be a summer event, peephole shoes or sandals can both look stunning. Knowing what season your wedding will occur will help you choose an open or closed toe shoe to maximize aesthetic appeal and comfort. Colorful bridal dresses make the selection process of bridal footwear more difficult so take your time and be sure to select the perfect shoe for you perfect day.